Randy Coppinger

ProTools: Bounce to Quicktime Movie with Full Options

Apparently this has been one of the best kept secrets among post production ProTools users: before you execute a “Bounce to” > “QuickTime Movie…” command, hold down Control-Option-Command.

You will get a different dialog box that includes an “Options…” button.

Click Options and you can manipulate a wide variety of QuickTime specifications for a video file: video codec, frame rate, dimensions; audio format, sample rate, bits, channel configuration; and file streaming optimization.

If you work to picture and need to kick out a different format, this can save you having to work in another application.

As of ProTools 7.2 you’ve been able to do this trick. And apparently it’s been documented on the duc since at least 2006.

I’ve never seen this key combo in any official documentation. I’m not sure why more people haven’t spread the word about it.

Well now you know. And knowing is half the battle.

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