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May 22, 2012 / Randy Coppinger

New Studio

I was privileged to be part of the Soundelux DMG team that opened a new recording studio in West LA. The facility is great for 5.1 mixing, music recording and — of course — voice recording.

(Click any photo to enlarge)

Veteran studio makers Bill Johnston and Rich Toenes demonstrated their genius with the features they implemented. Just like the Hollywood studio, the large take counter display increments every time ProTools is thrown into record so that everyone knows the current take number at a glance. There’s a separate talkback system built on the back end of the monitor chain, so you can communicate through headphones, the studio loudspeaker, phone patch or Skype regardless the status of ProTools. This is especially useful when ProTools is closed for file change overs. They installed EdiPrompt, a screen overlay that works with ProTools to automatically display wipes, sound beeps and other talent cueing options for ADR. It’s pretty slick and can save tons of setup and session time [this video details how it works].

The acoustical treatment is variable: they can roll up the plush carpet, take down the panels and move the gobos to go from dead to live. And back again. There are plenty of video displays with multiple inputs in various locations so that clients, the engineer, the production assistant and everyone on the recording stage can see video reference, ProTools, camera feeds and more. All of that infrastructure enables an efficient workflow.

Leaving such a well made studio after only a few weeks was difficult. When I handed the reigns to recording veteran David Natale I felt like I was asking him to take care of my child. He didn’t seem to mind inheriting the studio.

I’ve known Chip Beaman for many years so it didn’t surprise me that he had been dreaming of a recording stage in West LA, nor that he shepherded the facility to it’s current greatness. If you’re interested to see and hear the place, I’m sure he would LOVE to give you a tour.

As I said before it was my pleasure to work with such talented people during my time at Soundelux DMG, and to help open their new studio in West LA.

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  1. sonicsc / May 22 2012 7:32 am

    Wow, a whole lotta sweetness.

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