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December 28, 2012 / Randy Coppinger

Mic #6 Answer

People argue about whether attempts to recreate the famous Neumann u47 tube mic sound like the original or not. When it comes to the Lawson L47, I don’t really care. This is an all time favorite microphone for recording voice. Some alto voiced females sound a little stuffy or chesty on the L47, but otherwise it’s a slam dunk on actors and singers. I especially appreciate this mic with sibilant voices, which are magically tamed. It’s great for recording things other than voice too. The continuously variable pattern adds versatility to the mic.

The gold finish seems to draw scorn or adoration. But you can order in silver, if you prefer. The gold bling certainly invites some glamour shots…

Lawson L47 tube condenser microphone rear view closeup with visible mic element

Lawson L47 tube condenser microphone profile view

Lawson L47 tube condenser microphone front view with illuminated element

If you notice a hint of blue near the capsule, it’s not just lens flare. There is a blue LED inside the wire mesh that illuminates then you set a switch on the mic body to fixed cardioid. In the other switch position the LED shuts off and the continuously variable pattern selector is active.

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  1. Stephen Bowlby / Nov 8 2013 9:25 am

    I am a happy many-year owner of the Lawson L47. As SAG-AFTRA voice actor, I do audiobooks in addition to commercials and other narrations from my ISDN-equipped facility. While I have a few other mics in the locker for other purposes, the Lawson is the one that hangs in my studio all the time. It has the rich fullness of the 47/87 tradition, while offering the clarity of the 416 that so many studios now use. It’s a really effective tool for me.

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