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December 29, 2012 / Randy Coppinger

Mic #7 Answer

You may have guessed from the logo that the mic is made by Audio Technical, or by the body style that this is from the 4000 series. But if you guessed 4033 you were wrong. The key difference in the photo is the length of the grill, longer than any of the other mono mikes in the 4000 series. The mic pictured is the tube AT 4060. Another detail that differentiates this mic from others in the 4000 series — as noted by Jon Tidey — is the thumb screw mounts. The 4060 has a particular sound: lots of girth and glassy top end. It seems like the designers were trying for something reminiscent of a C12. I like the 4060 when someone needs to sound extra manly, or larger than life (think monster voices). It sounds great on electric guitar cabinet too.


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I used the 4060 on guitar cabinet for most of the Stardust Ramblers songs. Have a listen on my music demo page.

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