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Mix Tip 3

Re-amping Mono Snare Samples that are Already Treated

Thanks for checking out part 3 in a series where I enjoyed mixing for Autohypnosis. Previously we examined re-amped keyboard parts (Mix Tip 1, Mix Tip 2). This time let’s work with a snare track.

I don’t believe that every snare drum should have reverb added to create a de-correlated stereo spread, but I will admit that I often try the technique first. So I was frustrated when this snare already sounded “wet”. There didn’t seem to be a stereo version of the drum with reverb. I accepted the challenge of making it fit without adding more treatment.

Like the synths, I tried re-amping. But the snare would be panned up the middle, so I recorded stereo room reflections to wrap around it. I have had very good results recording ambience on location with the Blumlein Technique, so I used it here too.

The stereo mic boomed in from the bottom of
the picture is a crossed pair of figure-8 capsules.

stereo re-amping photo of microphones and diffusors

Snare Drum

This is absolutely one of my favorite techniques used on the Autohypnosis album.

Mix Tip 4 –- Subwoofer madness from a shiny little box called The Kicker

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