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Studio Anecdotes

Bill Farmer

My boss called me from Paris, France. While I was on the phone my good friend Bill Farmer walked in with a loud, “Hey Randy, how are…” He cut himself off when he saw that I was on the phone. He grabbed a seat to wait and set his freshly opened plastic bottle of Diet Coke on the counter. But he set it on the edge and it started to tip over. Bill reached back out to grab it quickly before it spilled. He moved too quickly, whacking the bottle and launching it upward. He hit the bottle on one end, so it was not only flying, it was also spinning — like a lawn sprinkler that sprayed Diet Coke. Brown liquid splashed on the floor, opposing walls and the ceiling. The bottle was pretty well emptied. Bill reached for some tissues to help clean up the mess, which of course covered the floor with tiny, wet pieces of brown tissue. I laughed so hard my boss asked, “Randy, are you okay?” He thought I was crying.

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