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December 26, 2012 / Randy Coppinger

Name That Mic #5

Here’s an inexpensive, unbalanced moving coil microphone I bought used. As with many previous pics, the make and model have been obscured but I haven’t removed every clue. If you don’t know this one, take a guess.

Dec 26 Clue

Follow this WordPress blog, or via Twitter or Facebook to find out if you were right, and try to guess all of the microphones in this series.

Name That Mic #1

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  1. Chris Lyons / Dec 27 2012 1:22 pm

    Darn! I forgot about the PE line. Many Shure models were also sold as “Professional Entertainer” variations beginning in 1972. The PE57 was indeed a re-badged 575S. Now you just need to find an A75L lavalier adapter — a cord that allowed you to wear the 575 around your neck.

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