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December 22, 2012 / Randy Coppinger

Name That Mic #1

In November of 2011 a good time was had guessing audio gear based on pics of the VU meters, so I thought this holiday break it might be fun to guess microphones. Let’s start with a classic workhorse mic: a large diaphragm, solid state condenser that almost anyone would be glad to own. Click on any thumbnail for a larger view.

Dec 22 Mic Pad Clue

Dec 22 Mic Capsule Clue

Dec 22 Shockmount2 Clue

Follow this WordPress blog, or via Twitter or Facebook to confirm your guess, see more pics of this mic, and try to guess all of the microphones in this series.

Mic #1 Answer ->
Index to the whole Name That Mic series.

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