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January 1, 2013 / Randy Coppinger

Mic #10 Answer

The Schoeps CMC 6 modular series are known for their accuracy, both in frequency response and consistency of polar pattern. The mic pictured is known as the CMC 641: the CMC 6 mic preamp body with an MK41 supercardioid capsule on the end.


In other views we can see the optional CUT 1 variable low rolloff.



I love this mic for location sound, ADR, stereo arrays… just about anywhere a nearly perfect supercardioid, uncolored microphone would be useful. The rolloff helps compensate for proximity effect, which tends to be noticeable. No, Schoeps microphones are not cheap. But they sound great and are useful in so many different recording situations, that the cost may be justifiable.

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