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March 18, 2020 / Randy Coppinger

Recording Voice Acting Remotely

With everyone isolating themselves from Covid-19 to protect others from spreading the virus, many of us need to record voice acting remotely.

UPDATED March 23

Voice actors with equipment at home, what can you do to make your audio sound as professional as possible?

Build your own DIY Recording Booth.

Free Acoustical Improvements for Recording at Home.

How to Minimize Plosives (P-Pops) on mic.

Headphone Alternatives for Voice Actors.

Voice Actors: Should I buy a new microphone? Which one?

What are some professional grade microphone stands that help me keep that mic right were I want it? (Coming soon)

Best practices for home recording.

Dee Bradley Baker’s tips and resources for Your Home Studio.

What technology do we need to conduct a live recording session with a voice director? How can we best use it to deliver professional quality dialog?

Recording dialog with a voice director using equipment we already own. (Coming soon)

What is a Phone Patch? How can I easily set one up? (Coming soon)

Producers and voice directors: how can we make it easier for voice actors to record from home? How can we help our production teams work more efficiently? (Coming soon)

Better listening in your home studio with DIY Speaker Isolation.

What other questions do voice actors, producers, voice directors, game devs, and script supervisors have about recording remotely? Please let me know.


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  1. Darius Marley / Mar 19 2020 5:22 pm

    You’ve been in the VO game for a long time, Randy! Great points you present here, and I hope you get a good response from the WordPress community. Personally I think there’s too much hype surrounding the mythos of a “perfect” VO mic, and I look forward to seeing what you have to share on that one.


  1. Free Acoustical Improvements for Recording at Home | Randy Coppinger

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