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September 13, 2011 / Randy Coppinger

Share Your Studio Anecdotes

Whenever I get together with other people who spend their time in recording studios, I love to swap stories. I’ve enjoyed sharing some of my Studio Anecdotes. What amusing tales do you have about recording?


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  1. Stacy Carson / Sep 14 2011 10:22 am

    One of my favorite studio experiences was a setup for (and performance of) a song by the Nels Cline Singers. Nels wanted a wacky panning effect that he could control while performing, so he had me hook up a Smokey amp (looks like a cigarette pack) to the end of a long 1/4″ cable and place 2 U87-As, one one either side of the room, to his left and right. Then, when he got to a certain point in the song and had his crazy distorted loop going, he swung the amp around his head at various speeds and distances. Not a technique you see every day, and totally thrilling for a young 2nd engineer.

    • Randy Coppinger / Sep 14 2011 10:24 am

      Thanks for sharing, Stacy. Sounds like something John Lennon would have done.

  2. Renato Quaresma / Feb 19 2014 5:10 am

    There was this incredibly talented voice talent I used to work with, the first couple of times I worked with him he’d walk in the vocal booth and I’d see him speaking into the mic but nothing came out of the speakers. I’d quickly jump to the patch bay and pre and as soon as I touched a knob or a cable I would start hearing his voice with random dropouts, like a cable gone bad. After a couple of seconds that felt like minutes due to the client’s presence, he would start laughing and say he was just having a laugh. This guy was so good he actually managed to perform a faulty connection! So good that I fell for it more times than I’d like to admit…

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