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February 22, 2012 / Randy Coppinger

When Is Good?

There are some great calendars for sharing your schedule. They can also make it easy to organize meetings if everyone you are inviting is member to the same calendar (Outlook, Google, etc.). But if some are not, scheduling can be complicated. And if your invitees don’t want their email addresses put into some calendar system (because they might get spammed later), you might think there are no considerate options.

Ah but there is hope: is a simple little website with the power to help you find a good time for everyone to meet. No email addresses required! You start by filling in all of the times you want to be considered available. Then the site gives you some links:
1. A link that allows attendees to fill out their availability,
2. A link that shows results from everyone who’s filled it out, and
3. An edit page in case you need to change your availability.

You share the links with the folks you’re inviting — not the website — so no one has to sign up for anything or get spammed just to participate.

As people highlight their availability on your schedule, common times can be seen on the results page. It’s simple and effective. It works for anyone with a browser. I find it especially helpful when trying to schedule a large number of people. Now this site doesn’t guarantee it will find a time in everyone’s busy schedules. But if there is a good time for all the people who need to meet, can help find it.

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