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October 27, 2014 / Randy Coppinger

Cool Gear from the 137th AES 2014 Los Angeles

Here are some of the interesting things I saw on the exhibit floor.

(1) Triad Orbit was showing a very cleaver clamp with 5/8” threads for putting microphones is less traditional locations. The foam inside the clamp makes it safer to crank down on pretty fixtures, plus adds gripping power to keep it from sliding. It’s called the IO-C Mounting Clamp and I need several!
New Triad Orbit IO-C Mounting Clamp

(2) I like to stop by the Latch Lake booth in case they are giving away their fabulous Jam Nuts, which they were. I used both of them on a recording gig immediately following the convention. Latch Lake introduced a burley new tripod mic stand with the same boom clutch as found on their weighted base models. Want.
Latch Lake introduce the Mic King 1100 stand at AES 2014 Los Angeles

(3) I saw and heard the new Cliff Mics ribbon. It was impressive on a number of levels. The magnets were so massive and strong, I thought they were going to pull the hair off my face. Interestingly, the cover was made of mesh cloth rather than metal.
The new ribbon microphone by Cliff Mics unveiled at AES 2014 Los Angeles

(4) On recommendation I took some time to check out Miktek. Apparently the late, great Oliver Orchut of TAB Funkenwerks designed most of their microphones. I was especially interested to hear the figure 8 of their multi-pattern mikes, with insanely good off axis rejection and an even transition from on to off axis. Impressive.
Miktek C7e Large Diaphragm Multi-Pattern FET Condenser with highly accurate bi-directional pattern

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Did you see something at AES that belongs on this list? Let me know, won’t you?

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